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Project Kick-Off Meeting 27-28/6/2019 @ Chalkida

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Project Kick-Off Meeting 27-28/6/2019 @ Chalkida

June 30th, 2019|News|

Welcome to Chalkida!

The project partners met at the first session of the SMART HERITAGE project kick-off meeting in Chalkida (Evia – Greece), signalling the initiation of the SMART HERITAGE activities.

Hosted by the Lead Partner, the Development Agency of Evia, the Kick-Off Meeting was attended by representatives of all partners:

Development Agency of Evia

  • Mr Evangellos Koukouzas – President
  • Mr Nikolaos Margaritis – General Director
  • Mr Thanos Lolis
  • Ms Katrina Koukouza

Albanian Development Agency

  • Mr Endri Teta
  • Ms Rezart Sano

Municipality of Gerace

  • Loredana Panetta
  • Silvia Mule
  • Michele Orlando

University of Mostar

  • Ilija Musa

Municipality of Forli

  • Christina Vallicelli
  • Elisa Pinelli

The Kick-Off Meeting was also attended by representatives of the ADRION 5 SENSES Project:

  • Ektor Tsatsoulis – Region of Epirus (LP) – External Expert
  • Ilektra Simitsi – Development Agency of Evia – External Expert

The project’s partners discussed the scope and strategy of the project, as well as worked in detail on the implementation of the upcoming activities.

Each Work Package was analysed, broken down in detailed steps for each partner.

The consortium also welcomed the presentation, via web-conference, of the Joint Secretariat’s officers, Ms Lucia Calliari – Project Officer and Mr Marco Zechinato – Finance Officer. Both officers provided useful guidelines for the implementation of the project, as well as instructions on how to move forward.

After the deliberations of the Project Steering Committee, guest project partners had the opportunity to visit the city of Chalkida and enjoy the local culinary offering, as organised by the hosting Lead Partner.

The next meeting was agreed to be hosted by the Municipality of Forli in Italy!